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Build A Profit Center on the Internet

Create an effective Chinese or English web site under two weeks with affordable price.

We are committed to effective Chinese and English interactive web site creation and hosting, also include web page design, web development, hosting, promotion and maintenance. Helping to set up a profit center on the Internet and a communication center for you and your valued customers, to enhance your core competency.


We offer Standard Interactive Web Site Package in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. All versions are integrated web site design that has the potential of attracting thousands of visitors to your site. There are six interactive forms covering general inquiries falling into customer service and technical support area. From certain customer service and technical support pages, the user will launch our own cgi scripts, filling out the form of the page and pressing the submit button to send the form contents to your web site, cgi scripts will do anything we wish it to do, fills or executes the procedure of customer service, for instance, emails some pre-installed message to the user, files incoming message to your e-mail mailboxes, log some information on a specific page that it exists already and produces thanking page or even making a specific formal quotation page. That why we call it interactive web site, It can respond automatically to the user and fill some office works that need employees to do.

You will have standard interactive web site under two weeks, we work with your existing catalogues, product description brochuers and operation manuals, just place order right now.

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You may be able to register a domain name and need a disk space to store your html files, graphics, email messages, and all other files that make up your web site, that is web hosting. We equipped multiple T3 Internet connections, multi- processor servers made by SGI , abundant back-up devices and systems, and proprietary software. We commit ourself to offer what you need to face a variety of challenges that test your resolve daily. Click to continue....


Web surfers use search engines to find what they are looking for on the web. When someone queries a major search engine using a keyword related to your site's products or services, your page titles appear in a series of matches on searching result pages if you're listed. Submit your web site to search engines and directories, so customers can find you wherever they seek. Click to continue....

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