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Work with your existing English web site, we create your professional Chinese pages, either in traditional or simplified Chinese, when you need Chinese web presence. All Chinese web pages use either traditional Chinese or simplified Chinese. In general, we create Chinese web pages in traditional Chinese, and then as request, convert to simplified Chinese to form the second page. Almost all traditional Chinese web pages use Big5 characters and simplified Chinese web pages use GB2312 characters.

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  Traditional Chinese broadly used by overseas Chinese, who live in Taiwan and Hong Kong and also include Chinese race resident of United States, Canada, Asean and other countries, there are app. 55 million totally, almost overseas Chinese live under democratic system, they are a big power to invest China.

Simplified Chinese used in mainland China. In Chinese community of Singapore and Malaysia, they use both of simplified Chinese and English.

All Prices are Quoted in US Dollars.
C-0 Page,
English words under 100.
Traditional or simplified Chinese only:
Both of Traditional and simplified Chinese:
C-1 Page,
English words above 100 and under 250.
Traditional or simplified Chinese only:
Both of Traditional and simplified Chinese:
C-2 Page,
English words above 250 and under 500.
Traditional or simplified Chinese only:
US$ 120
Both of Traditional and simplified Chinese:
C-3 Page,
English words above 500 and under 750.
Traditional or simplified Chinese only:
US$ 165
Both of Traditional and simplified Chinese:
C-4 Page,
English words above 750 and under 1000.
Traditional or simplified Chinese only:
US$ 210
Both of Traditional and simplified Chinese:
Words counted in text only, any html tag doesn't included.


Customers will be given access to their Chinese pages that translated from existing English pages at a temporary address to view and provide feedback to CVA-Tech.

Once you approve the contents of the page and we receive payment, you can download the page and activate the page on your site. On the other hand; if you publish the page, it is considered that you accept the page and prepare to make payment within 14 days.

Payment Terms

Under normal conditions, within 7 days after page creation, an invoice is sent to the billing contact by postal and e-mail. Payment is due within 14 days. If payment is not received by the due date, the temporary page is subject to deletion and the deposit paid in advance would not be refund.

When more than 10 pages are created in any 14-day period and/or when there is a record of bad credit risk, CVA-Tech reserves the right to apply different procedures.

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