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Translated to Traditional and Simplified Chinese

Both of traditional and simplified Chinese.
Only traditional Chinese use by overseas Chinese.
Only simplified Chinese that use in mailand China and Singapore.

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Pages words Either Traditional or Simplified Both of Traditional and Simplified
C-0 Page less than 100 US$45 US$75
C-1 Page above 100 and less than 250 US$75 US$105
C-2 Page above 250 and less than 500 US$120 US$150
C-3 Page above 500 and less than 750 US$165 US$195
C-4 Page above 750 and less than 1000 US$210 US$240

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Payment Method

Total amount less than US$1000 : Within 14 days after completion.
Total amount above US$1000 : 30% deposit in advance, 70% paid within 14 days after completion.
By Telegraphic tansfer (wire transfer) Please send your wire to:
Bank Name: First Union Bank of Delaware
for credit to the account of:
CVA-Tech America, Inc. A/c No. 2030001244448.

To help expedite your order, please fax the receipt of your wire transfer with your Company name or domain name to +603 756-8948 or +603 754-8457, or e-mail with the word WIRE in the subject line.

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CVA-Tech America, Inc.
3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1172,
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To help expedite your order, please fax a copy of your check with your Company name or domain name to +603 756-8948 or +603 754-8457, or e-mail with the word CHECK in the subject line.

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