Standard Interactive Web Site Package
#3500 Web Site For Machinery Marketing

The #3500 Web Site Plan is designed for machinery manufacturer or wholesaler listed but not limited as follows:

Farm machinery
Construction and related machinery
Metalworking machinery
General industrial machinery
Machine Parts & Supplies Industry

Your Chinese Web Site
creates from your English site directly with affordable price.

Web Site on the shelf
Standard integrated web site in English or Chinese, prepared to publish on the Internet right away.
Your Chinese Web Site
creates from your English site directly with affordable price.
English or Chinese Web Page Design

Web Hosting
All the latest and greatest advanced software installed and regularly updated on our servers.
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English Version US$ 1,350
Price of product web pages do not included.

We work with your existing catalogues, instructions and product technical descriptions, please forward these information to us after place your order.


We commit to your web site to have ability of automatic doing daily office work, we build some CGI scripts and interactive web pages, only require data entry level experimence and help you free up your human resources to do other things in your business.

Presence of your products is not alone. Furthermore, your web site will be able to become marketing and sales online office, put it to work with inquiries, requests and complains that those income from postal mail, phone fax and phone calls.

Frame Diagram


Web Site Home Page This is the first page of your web site to show what product you offer. At first, you must have a standard one for activating your web site as soon as possible, and then you can make this page look like anything you want.
Interact with Customers
on Customer service
One index page, this is the first page of your Customer Service directory.
Six interactive pages which support Customer Service works including quotation request, inquiry of order status, product registration, claims, after-service coordination, spare parts purchase and contacts.
Interact with Customers
on Technical Support
One index page, this is the first page of your Technical Support directory.
This page support any inquiries falling into Technical Support area, provides answers about how to affiliate the application, operate and maintain your product.
Interact with Customers
on Spare Parts Supply
One index page, this is the first page of your Spare Parts directory.
Interact with Business
One index page, this is the first page of your Business Partner directory.
One Joint our Business Partner page, This is standardized, you can develop it to make your own.
One Joint Our Business Partner Form.
Executive working page One index page, this is the first page of your Executive directory, this page links with seven log pages including price request, quotation, orders login, sales inquiries, claims, technical support request, and spare parts order login.
Web Site Home Page
One configuration page to make your own Home Page. This only require data entry level experimence, all you need to know is what you want to say, you would be giving for much design freedom.

Web Hosting

Our web hosting systems are among the most advanced available. We maintain multiple T3 Internet connections to independent major backbones, multi-processor SGI servers and redundant back-up systems. We commit to install and regularly update all the latest and greatest advanced software on our servers, host with us to enjoy our consistent service.

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